Rocketship Education Believes In Teacher Diversity

It is well known by now that Rocketship Education has provided many students with the opportunity to get a great education. Many middle and low income families are now able to provide their kids with the best education possible at Rocketship Education.

Rocketship Education is known for giving a big priority to involving the parents in the education of their kids. There is no other school network that lets the parents be so involved. Preston Smith says that you can see this in how teachers actually visit the homes of their students. This gives them the opportunity to bond with their students and learn about what life is like for them. In addition, Rocketship Education helps the parents out when they need to organize for the benefit of the education of their kids. For example, Rocketship Education only offers classes until the fifth grade. However, they help parents create groups and lobby officials in their local area for better educational opportunities for their kids. This has helped a lot. In one place in California, the parents even started their own middle school and high school so that their kids can continue getting an education of the same quality as the one that is offered by Rocketship Education.

Rocketship Education believes in diversity in their schools. However, they believe that parents of ethnic groups should not have to send their kids to schools that are out of their area just so that those schools should be integrated. In addition, Rocketship Education has a unique method of approaching diversity. They make sure that there is diversity not just among the student body, but among the teacher body as well. Some people have pointed out that the first thing that should have been integrated was the teacher body. Rocketship Education clearly sees the benefits that students get when they have access to teachers from a wide range of ethnic backgrounds. They learn a lot more.

Rocketship Education is a network of schools known for involving the parents.