Oncotarget Is Working Tirelessly And Even Seek Help From The High Profile Scientific Indexes And Archives

Oncotarget is a very superb and essential peer-reviewed bio-medical journal with information on conducted research pertaining all aspects in the field of cancer and oncology. The free access journal has gone an extra mile by offering and publishing sub-sections on other vital topics in the world of medicine like old age, immunology and microbiology, and pathology, just to mention a few.

The journal writing was launched in the year 2010 where the impact journals play the role of publishing. Due to its surpassing significance to the community over time, Oncotarget has published a good number of volumes with numerous issues in each volume and is now winding up on the eighth volume. The two experts in the field, Mikhail Blogasklonny, and Andrei V. Gudkov are the chief editors of the journal.

Due to its increasing importance and quality of the Oncotarget journal, it believes that its goal of being considered the first research journal to take the shortest time, ever to hand over the whole issue to PubMed after its online publication, will be achieved soon. Oncotarget gave assurance to its loyal readers that they will continue to access its information in PubMed, PubMed Central, Scopus, and Biological Abstracts among the many other sites which previously offered the scientific knowledge.

Oncotarget is working tirelessly and even seek help from the high profile scientific indexes and archives. Therefore, the experimental outcomes are made available around the globe to make the medical researchers, practitioners including the members of the public beneficiaries of the information. Two Issues are published in a week that is on one Tuesday and the other on Friday with the aim of speeding up indexing processes.

The information offered by the Oncotarget journal is used by different medical professionals to help them conduct their research. For a successful study, they also need the help of the other medical experts hence there is need of unity among them. With integration, the medical personnel can prevent, treat and even eliminate permanently various ailments. Therefore, together with Oncotarget journal, your ever wish of living an honorable life free from illness is attained.