Research And Respect Are Key For Igor Cornelsen


The changing world we live in is seeing people look to take more control of their lives in almost every area, including the investments we make with specialists from around the world. Former Brazilian banking executive Igor Cornelsen is looking to bring his own type of transparent investment options to a new generation of clients through his work with Bainbridge Investments; although Cornelsen retired from the banking industry in 2011 he remains an active part of the global financial industry through his consultancy and research role with Bainbridge Investments.


Unlike many of his contemporaries, Igor Cornelsen believes he has found a strategy that allows his growing list of clients the chance to invest in the way they feel is best and in an ethical way. As a key executive for many different financial institutions in Brazil Igor was able to help these companies to navigate what was often a difficult economic situation in what is now the fifth largest economy in the world. The strategy developed by Igor remains in place and sees long term gains given a higher priority than short term investments that may yield high returns, but do not offer a long term approach that provides financial security for years to come.


Cornelsen recommends on Facebook that his clients do not invest in damaged companies, and maintain a healthy respect for the rules and regulations of the part of the world an investment may be made in. The investment specialist believes in finding investments that can bring success in any part of the world, including his home country of Brazil Cornelsen believes is undervalued by many investment specialists; in the view of Igor Cornelsen, emerging economies like Brazil will play a key role in the success of future investments making up a successful portfolio for his clients. Check out Igor’s official website for more, or you can also read more about his methodology on CNN.