Alex Paul Muses About His Early Career

The Chainsmokers released new material. Fans of the superstar musical DJ’s look forward to new releases. Certainly, The Chainsmokers themselves, Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall, want to deliver solid new music to their fans. They also like talking about their career and artistic endeavors. Alex Pall clearly likes to talk as he recently spoke in detail about his career and musical endeavors.

One of Pall’s more interesting comments revealed he wasn’t ever planning on becoming a superstar DJ. He didn’t even want to work as a DJ full-time. Amazingly, Alex Pall’s career turned out to be something incredibly special. Pall rose to amazing heights in New York City, one of the toughest places for a new DJ to get noticed. He did more than become noticed. Alex Pall gained worldwide fame.

Alex Pall didn’t achieve his fame overnight. In the interview, Pall reveals he took small steps early on. Putting material up on SoundCloud included one of those small-but-important steps. Hearing an artist’s work reflects the only way people can truly appreciate a new DJ. Uploading music on SoundCloud provided a forum in which people could hear the great work of Alex Pall.

Not all DJs work well with others. Alex Pall is one-half of a DJ duo. Considering the wild success of The Chainsmokers, Alex Pall and Andrew “Drew” Taggart do work well together as evidenced by their incredible success. The two worked together on a daily basis without fail. Finding a DJ and business partner willing and interested to put in the same amount of work and the proper amount of dedication isn’t easy. Picking the wrong partner often undermines what would otherwise be a successful career. Luckily, Alex Pall found the right partner, a partner who shared his vision. The two now reap the rewards of hard work.