Talos Energy: Maximizing The Opportunity in Critical Times

Floods are dreaded calamities in most areas. Hurricane Harvey was flooded causing a great concern on the residents. The streets of Texas, Kingwood, and northern part of Houston experienced this. It called for much attention to the rescue teams to reach out and save lives of the people. Unlike many other companies Talos Energy under the leadership of Duncan as its chief executive officer remained focused on its development endeavors. At the same time, Duncan was undergoing some challenging process in finishing the $2.5 billion merger involving his privately acquired firm with Stone Energy. Despite the engagement, Duncan said in some statement that that would not hinder him from dealing with the Hurricane Harvey disaster. The merger deal was a great engagement. He negotiated it from his mother’s home in Texas.

Upon the completion of this merger, the Stone Energy will be run under Talos Energy. This would be presided by Duncan as a result, the assets will be based at Gulf of Mexico. Talos energy is a leading company that is fully maximizing the opportunities in the field of wells in Mexico and United States of America. It has been possible through the excellent leadership by Duncan who is highly enthusiastic. Regardless of growing up in Texas, Egypt, and Florida, people think that he is more of a New Yorker. The Hurricane came up when he was extensively involved in negotiating for the merger. Something that was very critical and took the center of his attention. At this negotiation table, renowned money managers like Apollo and Riverstone Management who are core owners of the Talo’s equity were present. Duncan was able to concentrate on the negotiation bearing in mind that crisis are an opportune time to utilize in business..

Out of this successful merger, Duncan of Talos Energy has proven to the world that is possible to make life positive in the midst of challenges and tough situations. He recognizes and strongly believes that challenges should be an excuse towards failures. Amidst other achievements at Talos Energy is the ownership of one of the biggest assets called the Phoenix field which is south of New Orleans by 165 miles. They cleaned up the history and made it what it is today.

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