Technologist Eric Pulier andHis Commitment to Excellence

Any and everywhere you go, technology can be somewhere in the picture. Our everyday devices and equipment are laced with innovation to some degree. This is a billion dollar per year industry that will never go out-of-style. Many individuals have had a hand in producing some of the best inventions on the market, but often in times, these individuals fly under the radar, especially if it’s to better man-kind. Eric Pulier of Teaneck, New Jersey is one of those talented individuals, but he isn’t seeking fame, he’s rather creating a better more meaningful life and this is how.

If you have heard of Eric pulier before, did you know that he has founded up to 15 companies? That’s right! Many of these specific companies have made a huge impact on society in some way. The guy is literally a genius when it comes to creation and developing things from scratch. Did you know that he started a computer database business while in high school? Unfortunately many people have no clue who he is, but are rather benefiting from his services whether it’s directly or indirectly. Having such a huge heart doesn’t hurt as well. Pulier is widely known for his philanthropic efforts of using advanced technology to help physically disabled children around the world. These are intractable problems, but this guy has found a way to bring in positivity and progression into the equation. Pulier has also helped to bring in technology to disadvantaged communities as well and he’s won numerous philanthropic awards throughout the years. Back in 2010, he was the “top billed honoree” at the “U.S. Doctors For Africa Event” in New York City.

Technologist and Entrepreneur? That’s also right as he’s helped to raise millions for Capital Venture Deals, donated millions of dollars to charitable organizations, and he’s invested hundreds of millions into tech start-up companies. Pulier’s last founded company was sold for nearly $350 Million. This is the blueprint of success and Eric Pulier leading by example.

Leading Facilities Management Company IAP Worldwide Services

IAP Worldwide Services is one of the leading facilities management, logistics and technology companies in the world. This company has its base of operations in the United States and often assists with infrastructure projects for the United States federal government. However, the company also works with a number of private sector companies that are looking to develop a presence in remote areas of the world. Any organization looking to receive assistance from IAP Worldwide will greatly benefit due to the amount of expertise that the company has. It is very knowledgeable on how to build roads, construct building facilities, manage technology, install communications systems and also develop energy sources on By providing all of these things, numerous organizations will be in great position to firmly establish a base of operations in any location worldwide.

When an organization looks to get established in a remote location, it will first need quality infrastructure. IAP Worldwide specializes in developing infrastructure by developing and building roads that are safe and smooth. This will enable a number of organizations to easily transport vehicles and other items throughout their base of operations. As well as developing roads, IAP Worldwide will also build facilities so that any organization will have a firm place to conduct operations. With solid infrastructure, organizations will have an environment that will help them complete projects more easily.

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Government entities and private sector companies who establish infrastructure in a remote location will also need to put together energy facilities and communication systems. Since the buildings need climate control and electricity to operate, IAP Worldwide will devise and construct a number of energy sources that will help provide the needed resources to operate. The company will build and manage power plants to make sure that organizations get the energy they need more efficiently. As well as providing energy facilities, IAP Worldwide Services will also install communication systems as well. With the help of IAP Worldwide, government entities and companies will be able to set up phone systems as well as satellite signal towers.

Once an organization has infrastructure and communication and energy systems in place, it will need technology in order to establish a complete presence. Fortunately, IAP Worldwide Services has a lot of expertise in developing and managing technology. With the help of this company, businesses and the government will have the guidance necessary to operate the most up to date technology. IAP will make recommendations on what technology to use and install. It will also make sure that everything is working properly as well as ensuring that all important data is protected. By having state of the art technology that is well managed, organizations will have the resources they need in order to accomplish their goals in remote locations.