Jeremy Goldstein Continues To Support The Mentally Ill Through His Contributions To Fountain House

Jeremy Goldstein is an attorney who loves supporting charitable causes, and he recently hosted a fine wine dinner that supported Fountain House. The organization supports women and men who are working to recover from mental illness, and it has been in existence since 1944. Fountain House focuses on helping mentally ill individuals to live a better by offering opportunities for them to learn and gain employment. Learn more:


Jeremy Goldstein is a member of the board of directors for Fountain House and has been a part of helping the mentally ill to feel more at home in society for years. Many of the initiatives put forward by the organization have helped to improve the lives of people who suffer from mental illness. A large percentage of mentally ill people do not have gainful employment, but Fountain House has changed this by helping 42% of their members to become employed. Goldstein is happy that he has been able to continue to do his part for the organization, which has helped so many people.


Jeremy Goldstein is a partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates and has been so since its inception. His law firm advises compensation committees, CEOs, managing teams, and other companies on matters related to executive compensation and corporate governance. He also serves the American Bar Association Business Section as its chairman of Mergers and Acquisition Sub-committee.


Jeremy Goldstein has been a part of many of the largest corporate deals that have taken place over the last 10 years. He studied at New York University, where he earned his J.D. He also earned his Bachelor of Arts from Cornell University and his Master of Arts while attending the University of Chicago. The inspiration for his firm came when he realized there was a gap in the executive compensation consulting sector. He took advantage of that fact and has never looked back since.

To Billionaire Richard Liu, Effort Means Everything

Richard Liu Qiangdong learned the hard way when it comes to surviving and managing money. Raised by his grandmother, he learned that you win by working hard and taking care of your household. Mr. Liu’s success is not only through getting up early every morning and working towards your goal, but it’s also due to realizing that the downs in life are just as important or valuable as the ups.

Today Richard Quiandong values the way he grew up, having to care for his loved ones, it taught him, never to give up. It taught him never to give up. To made him realize to always find an alternative, always find a solution. If one thing fails, you get up in the morning and work on another, always pressing forward.

Richard Quiangdong just did not miraculously open up one business and it plunged into success. For Mr. Liu, along with many other business owners who are now successful, it took failures, and headaches. Experimenting with two or three prior business opportunities that did not do so well was considered losses for Mr. Liu. One of those businesses was a restaurant and the other involved selling health products, neither worked out. Were the troubles worth it? Yes, Mr. Liu now owns one of the largest e-commerce platforms in China. It is worth $57.6 billion, and growing more and more profitable everyday. is literally a brand that just about every household in China knows about, selling all types of electronic devices, including computer parts.

Graduating from Renmim University in 1996, Richard Quiangdong would have never imagined that he would be the owner of a business worth billions. With a degree in sociology, followed by an EMBA from China Europe International Business School. Mr. liu can now truly say, that effort means everything.

What Attributes has OSI Industries Strived to Maintain Since Its Inception?

Established over a century ago, OSI Industries has undergone numerous transformations. The brand has embraced new technologies, ventured into new global markets expanded its products list to cover vegetables and more meat products like poultry and pork, and even changed its name. But some of the most important tenets of its foundation that make the brand unique in the eye of its customers haven’t changed. These have played the biggest role in contributing to the company’s success and continued sustainability. They include:

Product authenticity

OSI Industries takes pride in coming up with some of the most authentic meat products currently available in the market. According to Sheldon Lavin, OSI industries has a created a company culture around the delivery of some of the freshest and superior quality products since its establishment. The company has therefore put in place several strategies aimed at maintaining this authenticity even as it goes global and captures new markets.

The Sheldon led company started by entering into strategic partnerships or acquiring organically reared animals and vegetable products. For instance, OSI recently acquired Amick Farms a consortium of vertically managed farms specializing in the production of organic poultry products.

Superior customer care services

There is a reason most of OSI Industries first local and international clients stuck with the company even as they went global. Most attribute this to the level of care shown by the Aurora-based food manufacturer. OSI has strived to maintain this superior customer service culture by ensuring that they always meet the client’s supply demands and that orders are dispersed and delivered on time.

This explains why such international food chain restaurants McDonald have continually relied on OSI or meat product supplies since its establishment. Even when both companies ventured into the international scenes, they stuck to their age-old mutual association.

About OSI Industries

The food manufacturing company was started by Otto Kolschowsky in 1909 as a corner butcher shop. It would however gradually evolve into a small family company in the late 1920’s after expanding to wholesale services but remain localized to the United States market. Sheldon Lavin’s into the company would, however, set its success ball rolling and lay the ground for its penetration into the global scene.

Zeco Auriemo and JHSF: The Luxury Property Development Team Taking Over Brazil’s Market

The globally powerful JHSF has truly done some great work in real estate. Sao Paulo is where this company runs its business from, and Zeco Auriemo is the guy who makes this success possible, as he has performed excellently as a chief executive officer since taking over that role. When it comes to their developments in the Brazilian real estate world, the area in which this team places the most focus is on properties of great luxury.

If you are curious as to what developments Auriemo’s JHSF has worked on in other lands, then two of the most notable properties are located in the United States, New York specifically, and Uruguay. Uruguay is home to the gorgeous Fasano Hotel, and New York is the backdrop for a prestigious residential building. When it comes to luxury, Zeco Auriemo certainly knows what he is doing, and these two property developments are shining examples of this.


Inside Brazil, out of all the different luxury building projects that have come out of JHSF, shopping centers have actually been the most common so far. Cidade Jardi and Metro Santa Cruz are the two most prominent examples of these properties. Commercial and residential developments have also taken up a large part of Zeco Auriemo’s focus, but there has significantly more publicity with regards to the shopping malls.

There was recently a grand celebration put on by Mr. Zeco Auriemo and his lovely wife, Mariena, that happened in Sao Paulo’s Nicaragua Street. This dinner party was affectionately titled “Brasil Monaco Project,” and it was designed to welcome the Italy based Rene Caovilla. This high-status footwear company had just agreed to set up a store inside of Cidade Jardim, which brought great pride and joy to Auriemo.


PSI Pay: The Next Form of Banking?

There has always existed a conundrum when it comes to the various forms of currencies and their circulation. This has raised heated debate that touches on the increase of counterfeit money. This necessitated the modern banking models to look out for the interests of the merchants. Over the years, there has been a steady change to cashless payment methods.


The banking business tackles risk management as the trust of the people’s assets and funds are passed onto them. They also ensure the beneficial relationship between them and the customers exists.


The intrinsic value is what categorizes the currency. In the case of commodity money, it is represented in the form of goods and services and equated to materials possessions such as gold, precious metals, diamond, and gold.


When it comes to representative money, it falls on the banks precision in determining the real ownership of the products under storage for security purposes. Lastly, fiat money touches on the various forms of money in circulation at the moment.


The banks are involved in an unfolding sequence series of risk management which is filled with high risk. This has seen the cases of bank crisis as they struggle to maintain the upheld ethics. This has seen the intervention of the United States government and European Union come to the aid of the financial institutions at the brink of bankruptcy. Government regulations have been mitigated to cater for such cases.


An emerging trend that is taking over the investment banking industry is crowdfunding and cryptocurrency. When it comes to crowdfunding, designated third parties pull resources to finance a single entity with the suggested project in need of funding. It is an investment in someone’s idea with the surety of returns on the investment by the third parties.


On the other hand, cryptocurrency has taken the finance world by storm. However, it is filled with a lot of uncertainties due to the constant fluctuations in value. Its realistic use has been declining due to its unpredictability.


It offers a free transactional platform for exchanges. The open source nature of the cryptocurrency enables anyone to generate new cryptocurrencies. Its survival faces a litmus test with forces from the U.S federal government and the blockchain weighed against it.


PSI Pay offers digital payment options for firms and customers worldwide. It assures secure transactions as an affiliate of Western Union. It seeks to contribute to global trading through instant and convenient payments for the customers. This makes way for e-money intermediaries as the next step for securing your earnings in the banks.

OSI Group McDonalds Incorporates Strategic Plans for the Progress of the Company

Every company is interested in incorporating various strategies that would enable it to remain competitive in the market for the foreseeable future. Different organizations have different methods that they use to stay operational and relevant in the market. OSI Group McDonalds, who is the president of the food processing giant has been at the helm of the leadership in this company where he has adopted several strategies that have helped the company to be operational.

Leadership is one of the core aspects of any organization. OSI Group McDonalds has been leading the organization for almost three decades now where he has been able to corporate several strategies to make the company competitive. He is not alone as he has assembled a team of knowledgeable and experienced individuals who play a vital role in the progress of the company. These leaders have been core elements in the decision-making process of the company. Read more about OSI Group McDonalds at

OSI Group McDonalds has also incorporated a strategy that helps the organization to minimize its costs of operations. It is worth recording that the expenses that a company incurs in its operations play a vital role in determining the success of the company. By minimizing the damage of services, the company was able to boost other departments and make them much more effective and efficient. This strategy has played a vital role in helping the food giant to remain dominant in an industry with thousands of other companies.

Innovation is another critical factor in the modern world that is helping many organizations to succeed. OSI Group McDonalds has been in the food industry for a while, which makes him aware of the innovative strategies that the company can incorporate to enhance its competitive ability. These strategies have helped the company to outperform other organizations that have remained adamant about the current technology.

Lastly, OSI Group McDonalds has also helped the food processing company to remain flexible and ready to accept the changes that are available in the market. Besides, providing customized products has been a critical achievement in the progress of the company, which has played a vital role in its globalization strategy.


Sunday Riley Skin Care Brand

Sunday Riley is a skin care brand that is loved by many for its ingredients and the packaging of its products. One of the ingredients in it is called retinol, according to the article by One of the products is called Sunday Riley’s Luna Sleeping Night Oil, which helps the skin stay smooth. It is a blue color and the individual loves it for the packaging and the look of the font. All of these elements matter when getting invested in a beauty product. It is priced at a hefty price of $105 dollars, but an individual named Brandy, who is a makeup artist from Connecticut, believes that it is well worth the price. The artist believes that the products effects speak for itself as it has risen her confidence to the next level. Sunday Riley has other items for purchase such as face oils, a lactic acid treatment, balms, and a brightening enzyme water cream.

Sunday Riley developed the products over the years to be natural and effective on the skin, which is why they are priced so high. Riley believes many individuals buy a beauty product off of the name, instead of if it works and tries to keep her products affordable as other skin care products can be in the thousands range. The company launched in 2009 and was met with success early on as another company was interested in their mission. Sunday Riley mentions that because of the high pricing for advertisements, they turned to social media to get their name out and some of her friends would use the products. The owner is very hard pressed on putting the best quality on shelves, so if anything is not working, it will be removed without a moment’s notice. One of the things she does is allow friends and family members to use the items and for them to give her honest feedback on it. Sunday Riley believes the skin care brand has a lot of potential and looks forward to the future. Sunday Riley also has their own website where customers can shop products and connect to their social media accounts.

Marketing Entrepreneur Krishen Iyer

Krishen Iyer currently serves as a partner of a marketing company known as Managed Benefits. On a daily basis, Iyer looks to help grow the company and build it into one of the top lead generation referral companies in the world. With his business, Iyer regularly helps businesses find sources of lead generation services. When looking to help clients and grow the company, Iyer performs a number of tasks such as conversing with clients, managing marketing campaigns and also evaluating the quality of leads available provided by lead generation companies. Within a few years, Krishen has been able to make Managed Benefits one of the most reputable marketing referral companies around.


Like all other entrepreneurs, Krishen Iyer came up with his idea after observing companies that were struggling to find dependable sources of lead generation. He realized that companies need leads to grow and therefore need other companies to provide them with leads. Iyer decided to help companies find lead generation sources as a referral partner. In other words, his company Managed Benefits specializes in finding lead generation companies and helping clients get lead sources from them. With this idea for a business, Iyer looked to establish his company as a leading provider of referrals for lead generation services.


During his career, Krishen Iyer has succeeded by being very effective at communication. He regularly interacts with clients and looks to find out information about their particular needs. Once he finds out about what they are looking for, he then works to get them the lead sources necessary. Iyer then interacts with lead generation companies to inform them about what his clients need and then matches up the two parties. His effective communication skills have allowed him to build his business. Krishen Iyer is also very inquisitive. By interacting with a number of different people, he is able to get a variety of perspectives which help him make better decisions on a daily basis.

A Doubled Chicken Production With A Prestigious Award

OSI Food Solutions has done a great job at expending their presence everywhere it counts. They have now beefed up their production at the OSI Food Solutions facility in Spain. There is a great love for that delicious bird that there is a more chicken being produced. Spain and Portugal both will benefit from this growth because not only does the meat get double produced but new jobs are added as well. So it helps out the economy in both ways. Plus, the environment is getting greener. OSI has decided to cut their electricity use to make things more efficient in an effort to save the environment.

OSI Solution’s has received an award from the British Safety Council for their efforts to provide not only sustainable employment but also a job where your innovative mind is working. You will have a blast coming into work every day seeing the tasks before you. Having done teamwork, there are ways in which you can start your exciting career her at OSI Food Solutions. You will love the opportunity of working outside of the country if you have the experience. There are plenty of jobs available for you to browse through and pick the one that best suits you. It does not hurt to have your resume handy and your job face on should you get hired on the spot. You will find that working for OSI is a great career choice.

OSI Food Solutions bought several good processing companies in order to help expand its business. These facilities are a huge help in providing the infrastructure that the company needs to continue to grow. Plus, any workers that are seeking jobs will have them. OSI offers employment to this that would otherwise be laid off. It is good that would buy out these companies in an effort to keep their dominance in tact. This helps with the competition that is out there looking to take over only to find the OSI is not going anywhere anytime soon. This is good for the company that has over 200,000 employees. You should consider working for them.

Learn more about OSI Food Solutions:

What are the Benefits of Joining AIA?

To create sustainability in the community, architects should integrate sustainable community development policies in their professions. Although their role as professionals involves preserving and improving the required standards and quality of the environment in the community, a sustainable world should be a priority. As illustrated by Robert Ivy of the American Institute of Architects, architects need the same support they give to the community to exude excellent performance. AIA is a proficient organization for architects. It offers education, community redevelopment, public outreach, in addition to government advocacy to support architects by improving their public image. AIA is an elective firm, but if you’re an architect, you’d be missing out if you’re not a member. Visit on his twitter for updates.

Robert Ivy is the head of AIA. He’s an alumnus of Tulane University and the University of Sewanee where he pursued a master’s degree in architecture and a bachelor of arts in English respectively.

Ivy is not just a professional architect but an author and editor too. He invested time and effort to become an admired profession. He has won several awards and continues to bag more awards. He’s been honored by the Alpha Rho Chi through the architecture fraternity. He’s also received Dean’s Medal from Arkansas University. The Crain award from the American Business Media is also one of Ivy’s most distinguished awards. He recently won the National Polk Lifetime Achievement Award to honor his contribution to the growth of the architecture profession. Ivy is the first architect to receive this award.

According to Robert Ivy, architects should join the AIA for the following reasons;

  • AIA Offers Educational Programs

AIA offers mandatory continuing programs for architects. An individual needs to complete the requirements to attend conventions and workshops. The organization provides all these through the eclassroom app.

  • AIA Offers Professional Attachment

The American Institute of Architects offers professional attachment to help members garner more experience regarding the subject. Robert Ivy oversees the administration of the attachments.

The American Institute of Architects supports architects by providing programs and seminars that disseminate vital architectural lessons. The organization has helped many architects acquire their dreams. Today, it ranks top of the list of leading architectural professional organizations.