José Auriemo Neto spearheads the universal Expansion of JHSF.

Launched in 1972, JHSF is a well known organization that deals with the real estate sector. The company capitalizes in commercial as well as residential areas. It also majors in the development of shopping centers and executive airports. To add to this, JHSF has currently incorporated iconic hotels and restaurants. To this end, it has also stamped its foot on the international stage and created a significant global presence in various cities and states such as Uruguay and New York. JHSF is prominent for identifying new market niches in areas where it conducts its businesses. The company also upholds its discipline in acquiring part of the most luxurious real estate sector in the market.

JHSF has four main business units categorized under shopping center, airport, various incorporations, and the acquisition of hotel Fasano and restaurants. It additionally expands its portfolio into top luxury brands such as Pucci and Hermes. JHSF is led by Jose Auriemo Neto who is the CEO. He is also the board chairman in charge of decision making. Before joining JHSF, he was a student at Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado University (FAAP), where he studied business administration. He also pursued engineering. Neto’s career started in 1993 where he joined JHSF as a junior associate.  He launched the Parkbem Parking Lot Management Company, opening doors to JHSF’s parking management business.

His colleagues have since praised him for his outstanding performance he exudes in helping the organization to accomplish its objectives and delving into various projects such as the establishment of Santa Cruz Shopping Mall, which set a new social scene in Brazil. Jose Auriemo Neto has also overseen the establishment of other malls in Sao Paulo and Salvador. Some of these high-end shopping complexes include Cidade Jardim and Bela Vista. Neto has a clear focus on directing the operations of JHSF toward the global market. Under his expertise leadership, the real estate company has vastly extended its services into global industries.


The story of businessman and investor Gareth Henry

Gareth Henry is a famous actuarial mathematician who resides in New York. He earned his place among the most respected investors and businessmen through his various contributions to the industry. His company is a worldwide investment firm, and he has been tasked with helping it achieve its immediate and long term goals. Although he lives in the United States, Henry was born in London and started showing interest in mathematics at an early stage in his life. He would later transform his passions into his successful career that spans over many years.

Henry’s career story

His career started after graduating from the Herriot-Watt University, Edinburg where he graduated with a Bachelor of Actuarial Mathematics and Statics. That was in 2001, and there has been no looking back for the man who is always determined to find new solution to problems that face businesses. His first job was at the Watson Wyatt where he worked as an analyst in the Manager Research Team. Gareth Henry worked there shortly before moving to the Global Investment Management Services, and he stayed there until 2004before moving on to take up new business opportunities. He also worked at SEI Investments, Shroders, Fortress Investment Group, Angelo, Gordon & Co., before eventually being named as the Managing Director of an investing company in February 2019.

Henry the philanthropist

Besides his long illustrious career, Gareth Henry is passionate about helping people, and this is evident through his philanthropic activities. He funded the Gareth Henry Access Bursary which is based at the Herriot-Watt University. Many students have benefited from this bursary scheme and have gone ahead to establish blossoming careers. In addition to that, he has partnered with various other organizations to help aspiring investors. At an investing firm, Gareth Henry brings a lot of his working experience to a company this seeks rapid growth. Although he only joined in February 2019, he has already been involved in the formulation of various policies that will help the organization in achieving its goals. In both the United States and The United Kingdom, Henry is an accredited professional who commands a lot of respect wherever he goes.


What Can Agera do for You?

What Is Agera Energy?

Agera Energy is an Energy company like no other. Agera is able to offer you a simplified process in order to give you the best energy buying experience. If you are like the majority of energy customers, you may not realize that you have a choice when it comes to your best energy service, but you do. Not all customers use energy in the same way, so it stands to reason that customers should not all have the same energy product. Agera helps to make the process of finding good sources of electricity and natural gas simple.

A Cut above the Rest

Agera Energy does compete with other local suppliers and utility companies in order to find you the most cost effective solutions. Not only does Agera believe in cost effectiveness, but this energy company also believes in efficiency. Agera offers a service called Agera LED Lighting. Through this service, Agera can send a direct invoice into your monthly bill. Agera offers you simple contracts that are completely transparent. They are there to help you to make the best decision in a way that is easy and understandable for you.

A Unique Focus on the Customer

Agera Energy has the mission to simplify the energy buying process and gas. Agera has implemented efficient systems that focus on customer service. Agera wants its customers to be able to focus on their homes and their business above all, and that is the reason why this top energy provider gives customers fabulous solutions. Unlike most energy companies, Agera has the goal of giving you the best savings for your money when it comes to the energy that you use to power your home or business. Agera focuses on customer service. Every one of the products and services that Agera offers are designed with the customer in mind.




Agera energy is a company that is listed as a foreign limited liability company and is based in New York. The company is five years old on approximation as of March 14th. The documentation of all of the company’s files is with the New York Department of state.


Agera energy is a leading company, led by a team of individuals that ensure its success. Michael Nordlicht is the treasurer and a managing member, About Aaron Sputz is also one of the governing members of the company while Steve Laker is a member.


Agera energy also has three other companies that are listed as part of them. This phenomenon is not uncommon in the business world. The companies are; Agera management corporation, which is just a member, Agh supplemental LLC. Which is a governing member and finally Mf energy holdings LLC that holds the position of treasurer.

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Peter Briger: The Notable Leader At Fortress Investment Group

A well-reputed member of the financial field, Peter Briger has been working in the sector for an incredibly long time. Having helped several businesses grow to become notable names, he has gained a positive reputation for himself in the field. Having worked with such a wide range of clients, he has learned the finer aspects of investment and asset management, which is what has made him such a well reputed professional. Recently, Briger has focused his efforts on Fortress Investment Group, a company that he helped start up.Currently, Briger stands as the as the chairman of Fortress Investment Group, a company that specializes in investment and asset management and analysis. The company is one of the leading of its kind, and a lot of the work that the company has done has been because of the efforts put forth by Briger. His involvement with the company and the changes that he has brought on have shaped the way the company functions, and have pushed Fortress Investment Group into the future of the industry.

Peter Briger was primarily a part of the plan of Fortress Group to go public, which was undertaken a few years ago.As the leader to Fortress Investment Group, Briger had been carrying out a number of developments that would improve the workings of the company, and he thought that this would be a good endeavor for the company to take on. After years of working in the sector, he realized that this would be a good route to take when it came to the overall progress that the company was making, and helped them develop and become the notable name that Fortress Group currently is. Because of this decision, Fortress Investment Group become one of the first companies to go public on the New York Stock Exchange. After appearing on the NYSE, the popularity of Fortress Investment Group grew, and the company become more popular than it was before.

After helping the company go public, the next endeavor that Briger decided to embark on at Fortress Investment Group was with regards to the development of the credit fund department. He has been implementing a number of new events in this department to improve their workings and the contribution that they have. Through his contribution, the company has seen an overall development of the services that they can provide.One of the reasons why Briger can help the company in so many facets is because of the educational background that he has. He is the recipient of several degrees that have helped him grow professionally and improved his skill and knowledge in the field. He has one degree from Princeton University and an MBA from Wharton School of Business.In addition to focusing on his company and the development of Fortress Investment Group, Peter Briger has also tried to contribute to the development of the community. He is a regular supporter of charities and organizations that are working to improve the conditions of people who are in need.