Chief Executive Officer of Southridge Capital

Southridge Capital provides structured finance and advisory services to public organizations. It is a company that focuses on helping its customers to meet their business needs by providing a full range of innovative monetary solutions. The company has its executive team that has remained core to the company. The team of professionals has excellent knowledge and experience when it comes to what is taking place in the marketplace as well as expertise in curation.

Since the organization was established, it has been able to invest up to $1.8 billion into early-stage organizations across the world. Southridge Capital was founded in 1996 by Steve Hicks. The organization has funded more than 250 public firms something that enables it to understand the challenges that come up companies face. Due to these, the organization has gained experience over time to come up with solutions to these challenges.

The services that Southridge offers to these first stage organizations include how to become a public organization, how to personalize financing techniques, and managing their balance sheets. Other services that the organization offers under its advisory umbrella include a financial analysis which helps companies to come up with a highly comprehensive and approximated financial statement that aligns with the operational and financial assumptions. When it comes to an optimized balance sheet, Southridge helps the organizations to maintain a suitable balance between equity and debt including other techniques that can bring about better financial results.

Southridge Capital was established in 1996 by Steve M. Hicks. Currently, Steve is the chief executive officer of the organization. He directs all the strategic activities going on in the organization. Southridge involves other companies in its portfolio, and it is Steve who manages them when it comes to strategic direction. Steve Hicks has served in the financial field for over three decades. He has excellent experience including knowledge when it comes to derivative, financial structuring, risk arbitrage, as well as investment banking. Southridge Capital offers business execution and development to organizations that are in their early stage development. Steve Hicks takes much of his time focusing on his organizations as well as those new opportunities that can bring more success to the company. You can visit for more details.




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