Billionaire Investor Chris Burch Discusses His Firm, the Value of Hard Work, and Business Failures

In an interview with website IdeaMensch, Chris Burch elaborated on the founding of his investment management firm, the daily nature of his work, the reasons for his success and his advice for other business people, amongst other topics.

Chris Burch is the owner and CEO of investment firm Burch Creative Capital, and includes C. Wonder, Powermat, Aliph, Internet Capital Group, Poppin, BaubleBar and many more fashion, lifestyle and telecommunications brands in his investment portfolio.

Burch was involved in the development of the Faena Hotel+Universe in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and is the owner of the Nihi Sumba, a beachfront resort in Indonesian island of Sumba. He was also integral to the development and launch of E.D., the lifestyles collection of comedian and talk show host Ellen DeGeneres.

He credited his innate curiosity with inspiring the launch of his firm Burch Creative Capital, as Chris Burch found himself constantly devising ways to improve on already existing products and services. This curiosity is evident in the work of Burch Creative Capital, which works extensively in business development in addition to venture financing and investment management.

Burch in the interview also discussed his job at a construction site when he was thirteen years old, which impressed upon him the value of hard work – a value that he has maintained well into adulthood, read ( He also credited his use of calculated risks for aiding the expansion of his business, claiming that a risk that results in failure is an essential learning experience. On dealing with failures, Burch characterized himself as undergoing a grieving period, followed by reflection and understanding, the latter of which allowed him to push forward with the creative process, learn more details on

When discussing something he did repeatedly and would advice other entrepreneurs to do as well, Burch highlighted the importance of listening.


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