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Jana Messerschmidt, the Computer Engineer and Business Strategist

Jana Messerschmidt is a business professional who is well known for developing and improving business strategically. Professionally, she is a computer engineer but intersects his skills in programming with business, and this combination makes her improve her productivity and competency. She has played an important in developing various companies which are now among the top firms in the world.

Some of the companies which you cannot talk about their success without mentioning Jana Lightspeed include Netflix, Zynga, and Twitter. Jana played a key role in investing and developing these companies during their early stages of development. Jana is an alumnus of the University of Illinois Urban-Champaign where she studied her bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering. She studied practicing her career immediately after completing her undergraduate studies.

Jana started working as an advisor and an investor helping small companies develop and secure a chance in the broader global market. She used to develop companies, use technology in marketing and to brand the company as well as conducting sales and marketing. She started by working with Twitter and Netflix before she later joined Lightspeed Ventures thus the name Jana Lightspeed.

Jana Messerschmidt of Jana Lightspeed has served as the Vice President of Global Platform and Business development at Twitter Company. She used to engineer enterprise sales, strategic partnerships and was the one responsible for platform marketing. Before she was employed at Twitter, she was working at Netflix as the Director of Business Development and helped the digital and Entertainment Company develops streaming partnerships.

Today Jana is working at Lightspeed as part of the consumer investing team. Furthermore, she also has a partnership with the company. Lightspeed is a company which is oriented in helping small combines develop and grow into big companies by improving their productivity. Jana is also a philanthropist who is passionate about improving the economic status of women.

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