OSI Group Steps to International Markets

Most people enjoy packed food from supermarkets but hardly do they know the processors of the food they take. If you are a fold of taking packed food from the supermarket, then there are higher chances you have consumed food items processed by OSI Group. OSI group has been producing food items for more than a century. The business has had tremendous growth. It has grown from a single owned business to top 60 largest private companies in the world. Throughout this impressive journey, OIS group has received support from the resume of leaders who have always carried the goal of the company in their head. The company was incepted in 1909 as a small meat market at Illinois. The founder, Otto decide to start a meat market to respond to the increasing demand in the area. To his surprise, the small market expanded to a food wholesaler.

To enhance better management, he brought his family onboard and renamed the company, Otto & Sons. The company has expanded and it is now operating in a dozen countries. The company employs over 20, 000 people who work in different facilities over the world. The company’s efforts have been recognized especially in safe food handling. The company has also been distinguished as one of the companies that implement environmentally sustainable production methods. OSI Group has experienced rapid growth due to the competence and loyalty of employees. The company is well known for promoting employee safety standards. In return, the employees feel appreciated and that motivates them to work hard.

OSI Group supplys food products to a chain of restaurants and food retail around the globe. Some of their loyal clients are papa johns, Starbuck, Pizza Hut and Subway. Their products range from the dough, poultry, meat patties. Pork, vegetables, hot dogs and bacon just to mention a few. Prior to providing high quality food items, the company is focused to produce proteins items. The company packs their proteins items and distributes them for sale in supermarkets and other food retails. The privately-owned company is led by a shining beacon in business, president Sheldon Lavin. He has steered several acquisitions in Europe. The company recently took control of Baho foods. This is a Dutch-owned company that leading food suppliers in more than 18 countries.

Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OSI_Group

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