Online Trading Experience Revamped: AvaTrade Review

AvaTrade is an international global firm that provides investors with online asset trading platforms. It was founded in 2006 by a combination of financial professionals and web commerce specialists. Their main aim was to enhance the trading experience for online retail traders, a market gap that had never been filled by any investment company before.


The stronghold of AvaTrade lies in the wide range of trading platforms that it provides to its customers. One of the main platforms that the company offers is the AvaTradeAct. It also offers MetaTrader 4 (MT4), a version that provides traders with a very comprehensive trading environment. They also offer other platforms like AvaOptions, DupliTrade, Mirror Trader, ZuluTrade, and RoboX that provide users with the ability to automate their trading activities.


Due to the large variety of platforms that the company provides to desktop users, it has managed to get a very high rating from these users. For instance, the AvaTradeAct platform that the company provides happens to be very customizable and stable. It also allows users to access their accounts from any computer that has internet connection since they are browser-based. Clients also have the choice of other platforms like MT4 Floating Spreads, DupliTrade, MetaTrader 4, RoboX, AvaOptions, ZuluTrade and Mirror Trader, which comes with a variety of benefits depending on the clients’ needs and trading styles.


AvaTradeAct also possesses a mobile application that incorporates all the functionalities found in the desktop application. From the AvaTradeAct mobile application, traders can access their account details, charting, AvaTrade’s trading instruments, and trading signals from both iPhone and Android apps. Still, from these mobile apps, clients can also get access to the MetaTrader4 mobile trading platform. Also important to note is that the charting option that the mobile apps provide comes while complete with both drawing tools and trading indicators.


About AvaTrade

The company has demonstrated very swift growth both in terms of customer base and also the assets under trade. With its headquarters based in Ireland, AvaTrade review has also opened offices and marketing centers throughout the world in cities like Sydney, Tokyo, Milan, Paris and many other places. This has seen the company acquire more than 200,000 clients that execute trades valued above $60 billion in a month.

Hussain Sajwani, the DAMAC Owner, Grows Business to Become One of the Richest Men in the East

Analyst of Finance recently published Joseph Robert’s article “How DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani Re-Built Dubai’s Real Estate Market”. The article discusses the CEO’s strategy in rebuilding the real estate market in Dubai after being hit hard by the crash in real estate in 2008.


Though Hussain Sajwani is typically quite quiet regarding the company’s success, he recently opened up in the Arabian Business Profile. The CEO and owner of DAMAC is one of the richest men in the Arabian world. His net worth is nearly $4 billion and his company is one of the largest public companies in the Arab world.


Sajwani’s education in the business world began with his father. He grew up in one of the business districts in Dubai where his father owned a small shop. One of the greatest pieces of information the elder Sajwani imparted to his son was the need to understand the customer base. By understanding one’s clients, he could adapt the goods he would import based on the needs of his customers. Sajwani feels that is one of the greatest insights into his current success, that he can change and adapt quickly based on the market’s demands.


Sajwani graduated from the University of Washington and began his entrepreneurial career quickly after that. His first business was a catering company he started in 1982 called Global Logistics Services. A mere fourteen years later, he began developing real estate. His first development was building hotels in Dubai. He began his company DAMAC properties in 2002.


In the early years, DAMAC was able to gain several projects quickly, creating a variety of luxury real estate developments. As Dubai began to grow into a travel destination, DAMAC became a necessity for its growth as a forerunner of architecture. In 2005, the company became international, spreading developments across the east in Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and even Egypt. DAMAC’s owner was able to grow without taking money from investors because of Sajwani’s business savvy in the development of other side businesses and stock market investments.


After the financial crisis in 2008, the company began to grow. The company is recently involved in the development of Oman’s Port Sultan Qaboos waterfront. They are also working on a variety of collaborations around the world

An Overview of the Well Skilled Counselor and Entrepreneur, Michael Hagele

Michael Hagele is a commonly mentioned name in general counsel activities in several technology companies in domains such as biotechnology industries, internet, aerospace, and defense. He gives insights on matters concerning development and research. His expertise in this area may be attributed to by his impeccable knowledge and experience in hardware and software fields, telecommunications sector, and international internet. Being well acquainted with such knowledge, many companies have entrusted him by seeking counsel before commencing on implementing their thought plans in the named domains. Visit at to know more.

In addition to his contribution in giving senior counsel, Michael Hagele is also an entrepreneur. His business activities major on investing in the early stage technological firms. Moreover, he is a founder of several restaurants. He has shown much interest in hospitality industries as well. Michael Hagele other areas of expertise include drafting and closing technologies, licensing distribution, and great negotiating skills. He is very knowledgeable in matters concerning commercial agreements and how they relate to companies in the technology industry. His skills have been evident when making intellectual property purchases, analysis of the intellectual property, M & A transactions, and making sales of intellectual property purchases.

Before venturing into the business activities that he currently conducts, he operated as a general counsel for numerous internet companies. While in this occupation, he played the roles of corporate governance, supervising legal affairs such as employment, intellectual property strategy, and acquisition activity. Being knowledgeable in all these fields is not only as a result of his experience but also his education background. He gained his expertise in Fenwick & West LLP a company that deals with licensing. He B.A. and J.D. from Lowa University and California University respectively.

A typical day for Michael Hagele commences by handling the matters presented to him by the technology clients. Such clients present cases concerning legal counseling, reviewing technology licensing contracts, and licensing agreements. His entire day does not end while seeing into his clients’ concerns. His hobby is bike riding. In the afternoons, he takes a break which he utilizes in road or mountain bike riding. He states that he finds this as the time that he is more creative. However, he has to come up with a new outlook of the issues presented when he heads back to the office. Check:


Ian King and the Striving Banyan Hill Publishing Company for CryptoCurrency Investors

Ian King, who is also known as Ian King Banyan, serves as a senior analyst, contributing editor at Banyan Hill Publishing, located in the Greater Miami area in Delray Beach, Florida. Ian has over two decades of experience trading and analyzing the financial markets as he is currently trading cryptocurrency. Ian was also formerly a hedge fund manager. His intuitions of the cryptocurrency market has been appeared on well-known companies including; Investopedia, Fox Business News, Zero Hedge, and Seeking Alpha. To include in Ian King’s success, he invented a one of a kind first mixed media product of cryptocurrency investing for Investopedia Academy. Visit Banyan Hill to know more about Ian King.

Prior to his success, Ian King attended Lafayette College in Easton, Pennsylvania to obtain his Bachelor of Science in Psychology. His career then all began right from the desk clerk of the much known famous company, Salomon Brothers mortgage bond trading. Ian King then worked for Citigroup, crediting derivatives and then became a head trader at Peahi Capitol as he traded Options for a New York based hedge fund, leading him to help readers learn about the thriving cryptocurrency market with Banyan Hill Publishing during 2017.

Banyan Hill Publishing was first founded in 1998 as the Sovereign Society and became quickly known to be a leading worldwide asset protection and investment company. Reportedly on April 24th of 2018, Affiliate Dork states that the Banyan Hill Publishing group is offering investors pieces of information that they would not be able to receive from Wall Street. As the Banyan Hill Publishing group continues to be a fast growing publishing group through the advice of independent investors, they accomplished to receive over 400,000 individuals, whom are daily readers. These expert advices are primarily to help seekers find promising investment opportunities, including; small/mid capitalization stocks, commodities, natural resources, options opportunities, and income growth investment opportunities.



Dr. Rand in Balancing Hormones Multiple Health Therapies for the Aging Process

Doctor Rand uses a powerful combination of medical interventions to treat his patients. Hormonal therapy, physical therapy, and dietary intervention combat the normal aging process of any human being. Decreasing the typical aging issues such as menopause, anxiety, weight gain, ED in men, insomnia, and lethargy to name a few. When a person’s hormones reach their balanced level they can often very suddenly experience an increase in their immune systems efficiency which would give that person more youthful and youth like daily health experiences. All of this is done in what Doctor Rand calls the healthy aging medical centers where he brings in individuals that are committed to work alongside a doctor for a lifestyle change. A life long process taking the responsibility of living a healthy and satisfying life.


In addition to the treatments spoken up above Doctor Rand is also qualified to deliver steroid and cortisol injections as well as nerve blockers as an assisting tool to help those individuals dealing with physical discomfort and pain. Along side the pain management systems in play are also weight management systems. Doctor Rand accompanies with his treatment programs with a normal hunger low-calorie diet.


Patients need to refer to each health management practice from Dr. Rand to see results. But really focus on to your own specific needs. Doctor Rand teaches patients the levels nutrition and exercise for whatever health state your on or want to focus on from the program. A program designed to educate you how to properly balance intake of carbohydrates, protein, to fat and in conjunction with the appropriate supplements. These supplements are often your fish oil supplements, the proper doses of vitamin D, proper delivery and type of vitamin D, as well as other a supplements that help improve your metabolism. The anti-inflammatory agents and anti-oxidants hell prevent things like cancer and production of free radical formation. Keeping all of these in balance is like keeping a seesaw leveled. Where the good hormones and bad hormones are constantly fluctuating. As aging occurs good hormones decrease and bad hormones increase. But if starting on your own path to wellness is something you’re interested in doing. Doctor Rand is changing lives and maintaining balance in an area many people have a consistent struggle.

Stansberry Research Reveals the Profit Potential of Coffee

One of the most interesting articles featured on Stansberry Research is Steve Sjuggerud’s recommendation of investing in a commodity that is not liked by many, and which everyone hope to decline lower. The commodity in recommendation is coffee.


Coffee is not an interesting commodity to investors which is indicated in the Commitment of Traders (COT) account. The COT provides Stansberry Research regular weekly information on what future investors are going to do with their funds. And as per past studies, should future investors make the same wager, the opposite scenario have a great possibility of happening. Hence, traders and investors are staking their interests on lower prices of coffee. The said commodity has not seen such bearish circumstance in the past.


As portrayed by the market coffee is not just dirt-cheap but is likewise a detested commodity. It only had two bearish instances in the past, which transpired in the previous 5 years. Both instances produced big gains. Coffee had the same incident in 2015, where investors were quite certain the price would decrease but contrary to expectations it increased by forty-five percent in the following 10 months. A similar scenario happened in 2014 where investors were once again expecting the coffee prices to fall but instead went the other way.


In less than 12 months the price of coffee per pound climbed to 92%. It was an appalling incident for the traders who made bets that the prices would go lower, and which all just happened in a matter of 11 months. Due to the ensuing occurrences, the same profits can be reaped in the following 12 months or so, according to Steve and Brett of Stansberry Research.


While such incidents have transpired, there is still no official recommendation that coffee must be purchased at any time soon, since Steve prefers to buy assets whose prices are on the rise. But based on the Coffee Subindex of iPath Bloomberg, it is not still gaining any uptrend momentum. However, for investors looking to diversify their investment portfolio, coffee is an appealing outlay.


Stansberry Research is located in Baltimore, Maryland. It is a bi-monthly and monthly newsletter that contains valuable information on various forms of investments on the different market industries.


Ted Bauman was born in Washington D.C and raised on the eastern shores of Maryland. He went to Cape Town University, S.A., where he attained a bachelor’s degree in Economics and History. Ted Bauman worked as a manager for funds for housing projects which were at a low cost, becoming a founder of Slum Dwellers International.

Ted Bauman, in the year 2013, joined Banyan Hill Publishing, as editor of the letter, club and stock alert. Ted Bauman specialized in the protection of assets, privacy, issues of international migration and strategies of investing at low risk.Ted Bauman currently resides in Atlanta with his family. He led people to liberty from government and corporate greed. Read this article at Gold-Eagle

Banyan Hill is a site relied on for help in identification of investment opportunities such as commodities, natural resources, stocks, companies undervalued in the U.S., options plays, and investments that produce income.The site focuses on offering advice on strategies for global investment, diversification of the U.S dollar, offshore bank account establishment and running, trusts for protection of assets, as well as corporations dealing with business internationally. Private foundations, dual citizenships, and residency in a foreign land, as well as ways on how to maintain personal and financial privacy, are also areas of focus.

This company started as The Sovereign Society in 1998, before rebranding to Banyan Hill Publishing. The origin of the company name is the Banyan tree, the most massive canopy sized tree, whose branches are supported by clusters of aerial roots which form trunks also.

The publishing company offers growth and protection of an individual’s wealth with minimal risk incurred. Banyan Hill provides investment publications by professional and experienced senior editors charged with overseeing them. Mr. Mampilly identifies companies that benefit from the internet and millennials, for the attainment of huge profits

.Mr. Badiali helps in identification of opportunities for collection of freedom checks, which pay dividends that are tax-free. Yastine presents his experience in stock market and financial journalism to help readers understand current business, financial and economic trends for gaining profits.

Ian King presents information about Cryptocurrency, which is a new class of assets, mainly focused on by both the Wall and Main Streets. He not only provides knowledge for venturing into this investment but also avails strategies of storage and security of the digital investment capital.Ted Bauman’s insights help investors use innovation, legal and personal strategies, to grow their wealth and preserve privacy.


Wes Edens: Uncovering Successful Leadership at Fortress Investment Group

Wes Edens is a co-founder of Fortress Investment Group. He owns the Milwaukee Bucks. Wes Edens is known to be a prosperous businessperson in America. He invests in private equity and owns a sports team. Milwaukee Bucks is a national basketball association franchise that is located in the streets of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Wes Edens is also the owner of League of Legends team FlyQuest. Wes has a Bachelor of Science in Finance and Business Administration. He was studying at Oregon State University where he graduated in 1984. Wes Edens started out in his career in 1987 at Lehman Brothers. He was a managing director and partner until the year 1993. After that, he became a managing director and partner at BlackRock Asset Investors, private equity division for BlackRock until the year 1997. He moved on to co-find Fortress Investment Group together with other four principals. This was in 1998. They included, Randal Nardone, Peter Briger, Michael Edward, and Robert Kauffman. Wes became more famous in 2007 when his investment style was talked about in the Wall Street Journal article. The article addressed creative financing, contrarian bets, and knack for growing a business through investments. Under Wes Edens leadership and other partners, Fortress firm was mentioned and recognized as the first publicly traded buyout company in 2007. It went through the initial public offering. In 2009, Fortress had already managed to sell 8% shares to the members of public worth $600 million and more

In 2007, Fortress Investment Group had achieved an assets management for both the publicly traded assets for alternative investment vehicles and private equity. This was broken down to 14 private equity funds, 2 real estate vehicles, and 4 hedge funds. Wes is historically recognized for being the catalyst responsible for the purchase of the famous subprime lender called the Springleaf Financial Services. They became the majority stakeholder at the Fortress firm. In the process, Fortress made great milestones in terms of investment that made Wes feature in the Wall Street Journal as the new king in the subprime lending. He is currently the chairman of the subprime lender of the Springleaf Financial Services as well as leading the private equity business at Fortress Investment Group. Wes also heads Nationstar Mortgage. This subprime home equity mortgage lender was acquire in 2006 by Fortress. Wes loves mountain climbing and horse jumping. He is a passionate worker in company bringing the best skills and expertise into practice. His ambition is to see the company prosper through in investment management and such projects.

AvaTrade Review: A Deeper Analysis

There is no doubt that forex trading is becoming a major investment opportunity for millions of people around the world. But the question is do you have a reliable online forex broker? How much fee do they charge you? These are just some of the things to consider before settling on a forex broker. Most people do not understand that a forex broker plays an important role in determining whether you will succeed or fail in forex trading. This review about one of the largest forex traders in the world, AvaTrade review will help you make an informed decision.


Facts about AvaTrade

The problem with most online forex brokers is that they hide a lot of information about themselves hence casting a lot of doubt on their credibility. However, AvaTrade is one of the most transparent forex brokers in the world. The company was founded in 2006 in Dublin, Ireland and has since expanded its operations to almost every corner of the globe. It has its headquarters in Dublin, Ireland and several other offices in France, Japan, and Australia.


Regulation and credibility

Trading with an online forex broker requires some certain level of trust between traders and the company. However, if a forex broker is not properly licensed and regulated it becomes a little bit tricky to trust it. The good thing about AvaTrade is that it is regulated by major international financial institutions such as the Central Bank of Ireland, ASIC in Australia and two other regulatory bodies in Japan.


Software for trading

One of the most important things to look at in an online forex trading is its trading tools. AvaTrade has some of the most attractive and simple to use software to use. They include the following:-

  1. Meta Trader 4 – It is one of the most preferred trading tools by most traders in the market.
  2. AvaTrader – It is software developed and maintained by AvaTrade’s IT team. It is specifically designed to make trading easy for people trading on the AvaTrade platform.
  3. Mac trading option
  4. Web trading options with a browser extension
  5. Mobile version designed for mobile users

In general, AvaTrade offers some of the best trading tools for treading to its customers across the world. It is also one of the most trusted.

The DAMAC Properties Founder: Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani is a billionaire real estate tycoon. He has several properties all over the Middle East from residential to commercial properties. Soon, he plans to take his real estate development company, DAMAC, to parts of the world where the company has yet to develop.


But before Hussain Sajwani was developing massive properties, he was a young boy who learned his business principles from his father. The young boy would go into his father’s shop and witness how important it was for a business owner to establish customer service with customers. Hussain carried this principle with him throughout his life. It would later aid to his very own success.


Hussain Sajwani studied in Bagdad and had the experience of living in the United States while he was studying in Seattle, Washington. He immediately noticed the difference in between the United States and the Middle East’s infrastructure. The massive highways and bridges of the United States are very different from the ones in his home country. Even giant stores like Wal Mart were very new to him.


He returned to his homeland working in the gas industry. Two short years later, he was working for himself. He had created a catering company that did very well. That catering company is still owned by him today. Then in 1996, he decided to get into real estate. This real estate career would lead him to much success.


DAMAC has built some of the tallest towers, golf courses and luxury residential centers. It has become the fourth biggest public company. Though the company has had great fortune, the prosperous company is no stranger to hardship.


When the 2008 real estate disaster affected real estate companies and property owners everywhere, DAMAC was also affected. Hussain Sajwani was there to bring his company back to life. He remembered how important it was to put customer service first. He remembered how important it was to “Buy, lease, sell. Next, next, next.” He finished old projects and began working on new ones. By doing this, Hussain Sujwani revitalized his company into being Dubai’s largest real estate development company.