The Sandy Chin Explanation Regarding Fluctuating Stocks

December 4th, 2018 was a devastating day for the market and everyone remembers that entire timeline. Panic was all over the place because no one really understood what was behind the drop. Global events regarding the China trade dealings and trade negotiations were a huge factor. That is probably why 2018 will not be a year to brag about regarding the stock market.


An economic slowdown and slump with several interactions had impacted the stocks. It was even reported and charted by algorithms within investment apps and the like, including their programming. This was a cause for the drop and descent in the overall market chain. A reaction that caused both investors and those who were betting on the market to react in a way that had not been seen for a very long time.


Stock Market Professionals


All eyes were turned towards stock market professionals and analysts who were to try to make sense of the market. The evolution of the stock market is really what was at stake and the uncertainty of the future was a big question even aged experts were trying to figure out.


There was a need for not only market experts, but also for people to listen and look for change that was productive for everyone. Those who had lived in the eighties remember how fast the culture of change was moving along and during those times the movie culture was also in full swing.


Tech over The Pit


The β€œpit” as it was called at the New York Stock Exchange, was getting looked at from different angles and traders rushed in many cases to try to find a way that would save them and their clients. Every broker and stock trader looked at the NYSE for support and it seemed each investor would go sit and look at the pace that technology was moving within the trading environment. Electronic trading was the new thing that came with a lot of animated exchanges.


AI Algorithms and More


Program trading has been applied to the stock market in general with the advent of technology. Artificial intelligence and algorithms via computers are now determining when is a good time to buy and sell the stocks for investors.


In the recent past, it was the stock experts and investment managers who would research and share their professional findings for their clients. A lot of emotion and bias was part of the human factor in the buying or selling selection, but that has now pretty much been replaced by machines with Artificial Intelligence who do not have emotions and don’t make mistakes like humans.


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